Why You Should Hire a Publicist to Execute Your PR Campaign


Being the mouthpiece or spokesperson for your own firm can be a really thrilling experience. You’ll get to define your story while also giving you an insight into how the publicity thing works. But there’s a limit to which you can get by being your own publicist and you’re really better off hiring a PR firm to handle your publicity. The major problem most firms often have with hiring PR firms for publicity is the enormous cost some firms would usually charge but still hiring a professional gives you a valuable advantage as against doing it yourself.

Hiring a Publicist versus DIY

It is undeniable that doing your campaign all by yourself would save you money you could have spent hiring a professional publicist. One thing that comes along with this though is the fact that it would no doubt consume a significant chunk of your time. As you know, time is money in the world of serious business. If you’ll evaluate what you’re gaining compared to what you’re losing by handling your publicity yourself, this will help you know if in fact you’re saving money. Consider the time you spend doing this and put a dollar figure on it to see how it compares. Chances are that you’re losing money through the back door. With a professional PR firm managing your publicity, you’d be better off spending enough time on improving your product or service offerings. Productivity will get a boost as well as revenue and profits.

Developing successful PR campaigns requires skills

Most people hardly know what should be done and how properly this should be done. More than intelligence and energy, a successful PR campaign would require your skill and professionalism. This will center on those things that need to be done, in what way they should be done, and at what cost they should be done. Unlike the average person, the professional publicist is well-trained and has the needed skills to develop a successful media campaign or a successful publicity strategy.

PR professionals have the needed contacts

If you’ll want to build a brand, faster and better, you’ll need a vast network of contacts who in one way or the other will contribute to getting your business noticed. Because it is a requirement of their work and field of play, PR firms would usually have enough contacts of journalists and just about anybody to propagate your story in their media list. The professional publicist is your link to the media and would easily connect anyone or any entity for your campaign to get the results you intend to get.

You can see after all that it’s almost always better having a publicist handle your campaign compared to handling your own publicity along with the complexity of running and managing other business affairs. Although you may feel like it would save money, its impact on productivity too cannot be ignored. It all comes down to what you would sacrifice although in most circumstances, hiring a pro is always the better choice.

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