3 Things to Consider Before Engaging In a Holiday PR Campaign


The holiday season is perfect for brand awareness and marketing. PR firms can be sought to help your company easily boost sales over the festive period and with a calculated marketing campaign, Christmas may as well usher in significant sales boost and an awareness that will go a long way into making the incoming year even more successful. But there’s more to launching a successful Christmas PR campaign than following the same old route once again, right here, I’ll briefly discuss some important things you’ll need to consider before engaging in a Christmas PR campaign. Let’s check these out!

The early bird gets the worm

Christmas may be far off in December but in PR, July marks the beginning of the end. Pitching holiday gift guide for publications would often have to be up to six months prior to Christmas. It is better to start early as this significantly increases your chance. Also, it helps to ensure you do not miss out on deadlines while you’ll also get enough time follow up. So how early are you willing to start? Get your PR team ready because the earlier you start, the better your chances of getting coverage.

Product samples are very important

If you’ve never thought of it, journalists make use of the old adage that seeing is believing it comes to choosing the perfect gift guides for publication. Product samples are especially important if you’d be pitching products expected to be released at a later date. For most products in this category, journalists often will find them unconvincing if there are no samples on ground. Some media outlets too would usually organize their own photoshoots for featured products. This then underscores the importance of having enough samples in stock for a successful pitching.

How accessible are the products to consumers?

The availability of your products is an important deciding factor in getting selected and so should be considered. More often, media outlets would favor products that are not just excellent and valuable but are also easily accessible to their readers. This then means you should have enough products in stock all over the place so your product can get enough attention for consideration.

Have you considered the importance of photography?

It is not enough to have a great product to be featured in publications. It is even more important that great product looks good in images as much as they do in value and quality. So if a journalist likes your product but they somehow don’t look good, they’d most definitely not get featured. For this, you’ll need professional photography to have both pack shots as well as lifestyle shots of the product in various dimensions as this would considerably increase the chances of success.

If you’ve ticked all the boxes and have done everything at the right time, then you can continue to hope that success comes as well. It could be a frustrating experience having to wait till Christmas to see the results of months of labor but if these ideas above are given proper consideration by your PR, you can expect success to be well within your reach.

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