Why July is The Perfect Time to Pitch the Media for Holiday Gift Guides


Christmas in July may come across to an average person as the epic 1940 film or the yuletide celebration to mimic the Christmas season in the winter months. For PR professionals, Christmas in July carries more significance. When it comes to pitching the perfect holiday guide in time for the holiday seasons, the early bird catches the worm and no time could have been earlier or better than the month of July. It is no doubt that you understand the significance of landing a spot on a gift guide. The impressions and boost in sales will definitely speak for themselves but just how important is it to start your pitching in July? We are about to find out.

The earlier, the better

While bloggers and some other online outlets may seem flexible in their deadlines for gift guide pitching, you’ll not get this advantage from most editorials. There are some whose deadlines can be as early as mid-August or thereabouts. Regardless, beginning your compilation of editorial calls and contact information should start in July at the latest. You don’t want to approach a top-tier editorial outlet to be told you’ve missed the deadline. It is never too early to organize your holiday gift guide pitching and doing the right thing at the right time will save you from missing out on important useful coverage.

Planning ahead of time

Another advantage you have with pitching your holiday gift guide early in July is the fact that you’ll get enough time to plan and think ahead. For PR professionals, it’s possible that clients may have a product expected to arrive the markets just in time for the Christmas season. In this case, they can pitch the new product rather than go for last year’s. This is when embargoed pitching is very useful. You can employ the use of embargo to pitch the journalist or reporter a not-yet-public product so they can know they are not to share the information with anyone until the jointly agreed date. It’s always good to remain updated about your client’s long-term plans.

Remember to pitch your product with high-resolution images or samples and if the reporter shows an interest in your pitch, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Don’t be found wanting, waiting to get products back in stock or using the service of professional photographers. Make your response right on time and along with the product sample, you may send other materials they’ll need to test out the product. You clearly know how important it is to get this done at the right time. This is why some PR firms would rather start their holiday gift guide pitching by June or July by the latest.

Getting impressions and exposure during the holiday seasons can have a significant impact on any business. This is what holiday gift guides are for but rather than wait until all of the spots had been taken, you can start preparing for your own Christmas right in July, don’t make the mistake of thinking it is too early.

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