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Running In Heels: How Do I Balance it All?

Running my own business,blogging, working out,  and networking is a full time job, but I manage to make time for family and dating. How do I do it? Girl, sometimes I don't do know how, but I make it work! Here are a few things I've implemented along the way to master the art of the balancing act. 


When you have to manage your client's media calendar and your personal calendar as well, it can get a little crazy. I'm a fan of using apps. I have an app for everything. Google calendar is my favorite! I have to remind myself what I should be doing for the day. If It's not written down, it's not happening. Doesn't matter if it is a phone call, meeting, or event, I write it down. 


I'm very active on social media for my brand, but I'm not on there all the time. That's why social media scheduling was created. I also make sure I have canned email responses for frequently asked questions.  There are so many things that can be automated beyond social media that can help make more time in your life. 

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