You've decided that you want to have an event to increase your exposure in your local market or break into new ones. You want to build connections with your audience and get out from behind social media. Perhaps you have a new brand, product or service that you want to showcase to the world, and a panel, conference, mixer, or pop-up show is just the way to do it. But how do you expand that event outside of just the attendees in the room? How do you make it a viral occurrence? That's where I come in. 

The  Elevate Your Event PR Course is a fully integrated hands-on service that will cover all of the moving pieces to selling out and elevating your event. With the proper planning, contacts, and outreach anything is possible. 

The course is ideal for:

  • Event planners

  • Authors

  • Founders

  • Bloggers

  • Business Owners

  • Music Artists

  • Nonprofits

  • Influencers

  • Hairstylists

  • Athletes

  • Speakers

If you are looking to increase your event attendance, get featured in more media outlets, and grow your brand, the Elevate Your Event course is for you. 


Hiring an event publicist will ensure that you get a return on your investment of time, money and energy. You've spent countless hours preparing, now it's time to make it count. Have you gotten your gift bags filled with envy-inducing products that will make people upset they missed out? Were you able to secure celebrities, bloggers or local influencers to amplify the event? Do you have a list of press that will be covering the event? That's exactly what is available in the Elevate Your Event Course. 

----Past Clients have been featured in some of the following publiciations: 


The Elevate Your Event Package for $1500 INCLUDES:

  • Influencer Booking

  • Giftbags

  • Media Pitching

  • RSVP Management

  • Sponsorship Outreach (For each sponsor secured, I would require 20% of the secured funds) * Depends on the nature of the event

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

If this is out of your budget, you can purchase a strategy call instead.

1. After you complete the form below and tell me about your event and goals, I will schedule an initial consultation with you to ensure that we are the right fit and answer any questions you may have.

2. After our initial call, I will send over an invoice for the deposit.

3. Your Event Plan will be delivered upon 2 days after payment, and I will begin to execute on that plan after approval.

4. Event impressions and media clips are delivered on rolling basis as secured and then at the after the event is completed.

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What My Clients Say

"Deja, It’s been such a pleasure working with you — thank you so much for helping us get the word out about the tour. 
In Tallahassee, a student mentioned she saw us on Community Chat, and another attendee heard about the event on the radio. This was the first time we’ve hosted events outside of the tri-state area, so the media coverage you secured really helped break us into the southeast region of the country. 
Ariel and I look forward to working with you in the future. This is just the beginning! ” - Janel Martinez, CCO of 2020 Shift

“ When I first started thinking about going into business I had no idea what it entailed. I realize now how fortunate I was and still am to have someone like Deja in my corner. Deja is very knowledgeable in all areas concerning Public Relations. She is very creative and is always coming up with innovative ways to push her clients forward! ” - Music Artist Raqi Lily

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Let Me Help You With Your Next Event