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The Dynamic Duo: Public Relations and Content Marketing
Why You Should Hire a Publicist to Execute Your PR Campaign

Being the mouthpiece or spokesperson for your own firm can be a really thrilling experience. You’ll get to define your story while also giving you an insight into how the publicity thing works. But there’s a limit to which you can get by being your own publicist and you’re really better off hiring a PR firm to handle your publicity.

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The One Thing That You Are Missing To Achieve Your Publicity Goals for The New Year

Goals are a required element when achieving any desired achievement in life. This is especially true if you have dreams of being featured in a glossy magazine, blog, radio show, or tv show. The most common mistake I see girl bosses make is that you want to be featured in X,Y, and Z, but you don’t have a strategic plan. One of the first classes I took about public relations years ago was all about public relations planning, and the importance of creating a plan with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) Goals. So before you start looking at your vision board with all the amazing media  you want to be featured, let’s build the PR plan you need to make your publicity dreams come true.

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3 Event Strategies You Can Use from New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week has officially taken over New York this week as celebs, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts attend shows and parties. As we enter the final few days of Fashion Week, I wanted to do a recap of highlights from a Publicist’s perspective and how these tactics can be incorporated into your next event.

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Leave It To The PRofessionals: 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Publicist

This is the age of the do-it-yourself entrepreneur.  There are tons of courses, webinars, ebooks, and other resources that empower budding business owners to do everything in their business in house. Now don't get me wrong there are some tasks that you should not outsource as a business owner.

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Event Public Relations: Part 1

I'm introducing a new content series around Event Planning. Since it's warming up more events are happening. There's more increased competition, event producers have to get creative with new strategies to raise awareness. That's where event PR becomes a vital part of the marketing strategy. Video 1 will go into laying the foundation about what event PR is and if you need it for your event. 

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2 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Media Kit

Whether you're a rapper, blogger, clothing designer you need a media kit. If you have plans to get featured in the media or partner with other brands creating a media kit is a requirement.  A  media kit puts all the important information about your brand all in one convenient place.

What is a media kit? 

Media kits were originally created for journalists. Put yourself in the shoes of the writer who is considering to write a story about you. She doesn't have time to do a ton of research on who you are and why you are press worthy, so a media kit provides all that information.

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PR Girl Magic Chat: Building Relationships

Twice a month on Tuesdays (sings going up on a Tuesday), I host #PRGirlMagic, a Twitter Chat for business owners and PR newbies who want to learn about Public Relations. The first chat was all about building relationships, which is the "R" in Public Relations. Some amazing PR girls shared the tea on how to build relationships. I always say a publicist is nothing without her little black book of contacts. If you missed the chat, check out the recap below. 

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The Top PR Moments During The 2016 VMAs

Just like everyone on my twitter feed last night my eyes were glued to the TV screen watching the VMAs. The VMAs just like any other awards show is a big publicity stunt for the network and the celebrities who participate. Who doesn't love free press, especially if you do it right, the next morning your name should be in the headlines. Here's a recap of my top moments from the VMAs that were press worthy.

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Picking A Niche in PR

There are a variety of specializations in public relations (PR). No matter what your interest may be, there is a niche for you.  As you grow in the PR industry you will eventually develop a niche.

The options are limitless: music, sports,  tech, film, book, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle are a few of your options. When I first started I decided I wanted to be a lifestyle publicist even that title in itself encompasses sub niches. But, guess what? It stuck with me. Clients typically come to me for representation for their beauty and lifestyle projects.


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This Isn't Scandal. What's Public Relations?

You may have heard of the term publicist or Public Relations (PR)  before, but you’re not 100% sure what it entails. Don’t be alarmed because the majority of people don’t know. I bet the closest image you have of a publicist is Olivia Pope and Scandal. Right? Gladiators Unite! I'm sure you've guessed it by now, but I'm a hardcore Scandal Fan. Well that’s not quite what publicists do. Olivia is just a small  glimpse into the world of Public Relations. She's a great example of a Crisis PR Specialist. We'll dive into that with a future blog post. This has to be the number one question that I’m always asked.

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Stay Woke: Don't Sleep On Twitter & 4 Reasons It's Lit For PR Girls

Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms, but with 310 million active users per month it's here to stay!  I was very slow to jump back on the Twitter bandwagon, but if you are a PR girl you should be using twitter for several reasons: 

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to connect with influencers, business owners, and other PR girls. Here are a few chats that are on my radar: 

·         #blkcreatives- hosted by @_MYCC

·         #SoaSideHustler - hosted by - @soasidehustler 

·         #PRgirlmagic- hosted by yours Truly! @Iamdejamonee

Connecting with Media + PR Girls

A majority of journalists and bloggers are on Twitter sharing their stories, weighting in on the latest news, and engaging. Why not join in on the conversation with them. Don't forgot about your PR girls that are on the platform as well. Don't be afraid to say hi, re-tweet their posts, and reply to their comments. 

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    PR Relationship Goals: Why Finding The Right Client Is Like Dating

    Finding the right client can be quite the challenge, especially when you're new in the the PR game. It's taken me years, and I'm still working on it! As I learn more about my likes and dislikes, I've discovered that taking on the right project or client is very close to dating. Here's a few reason as to why:


     This is the foundation of every relationship, especially in business. Find out how you and your client can communicate effectively. Here are some examples of effective communication: 

    • Monthly/Weekly Recaps 
    • Follow Up Calls 

    If you and your client are not communicating effectively, this should be a red flag. Texting all the time is not effective communication. Set up a time to speak to your clients at the minimum monthly, and send recaps. Gauge how often your clients like to be updated. Personally I speak to my clients a few days a week at the minimum. 

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    3 Ways To Find Your Next PR Bestie

    For the past year or so I’ve been on the women empowerment kick. I’ve always been about supporting others, but as of lately I’ve gone into overdrive and have leveraged my relationships in a new way. 

    I’m sure you can search the internet and find tons of articles about how to build relationships with the media, but there’s another group of people you need to have in your corner. It’s other publicists or PR girls. 

     Tweet: Who Doesn't Want A PR Bestie?

    Connections with other publicists can help you and your clients in the long run. Some of the following scenarios may come up at some point and time in your PR life: 

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