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The Digital Connect: Slack

As a communications professional or any one building a brand, it's essential to know how to network with others.  Social media has been a great tool to connect with a lot of people at a faster rate than in person.

 Slack is my new favorite application for networking. I may be late to the Slack party, but now that I know about it, I'm putting all my friends on. 

I was first introduced to Slack  in a facebook group months ago. I even made my own Slack Group (Email Me if you want in) , but disregarded it. Then about a month ago I stumbled across a I Don't Do Club's blog post about their slack group for young professionals.  I've been hooked every since, and have joined another group in slack for media professionals called Minorities in Media

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3 Ways To Find Your Next PR Bestie

For the past year or so I’ve been on the women empowerment kick. I’ve always been about supporting others, but as of lately I’ve gone into overdrive and have leveraged my relationships in a new way. 

I’m sure you can search the internet and find tons of articles about how to build relationships with the media, but there’s another group of people you need to have in your corner. It’s other publicists or PR girls. 

 Tweet: Who Doesn't Want A PR Bestie?

Connections with other publicists can help you and your clients in the long run. Some of the following scenarios may come up at some point and time in your PR life: 

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