Snap Chat Me That: 3 Ways To Use Snap Chat As A Publicist

Hey PR Gang, 

As most of you may know, I'm a huge social media junkie! I especially love when brands get it right and use social media as a way to engage with their audience. My favorite platform right now is Snap Chat because it's an unfiltered glimpse into a person's life.  

I'm not going to lie, there was a bit of a learning curve when I started using the platform, but now it's so easy to use, I post with little effort. If you are a communications professional, you need to be on here.  As a publicist, relationships are the foundation of success in the industry, so using Snap chat is another great tool to connect with you audience. 

Tweet: The 3 ways to use snap chat as a Publicist Tweet: The 3 ways to use snap chat as a Publicist"


3 Ways to Use Snap Chat as A PR Girl 

Show the behind the scenes 

Working in PR is sometimes very hard to explain to people who don't work in the industry, so show them what you do! Whether you're working the red carpet, taking a client to a radio interview, or setting up for an event.

Give some PR Tips

Depending on what I'm working on for the day, sometimes I throw in a public relations tip or two.  Or there may be something big going on in the news that I know everyone is talking about so I may give my public relations opinion. 

Tweet: How to use Snap Chat as a PR Girl"Tweet: How to use Snap Chat as a PR Girl"

Give your clients some shine 

A few months ago,  I have the opportunity do a snap chat take over for a brand, so I made sure I introduced my client to this new audience as well. If I'm in the studio with them or working an event, I may have them take over my Snap Chat.  

Snap Chat is basically a mini reality show. Show your personality and let others know why they should tune in to your snaps!  

Are you active on the Snap? Drop those usernames below!